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Hi, after participating at the SDOTY contest i noticed that i was just to big, but if we could do this on a weekly basis it could be more workable and funner(don' t know if "funner" is a word). Anyone who has idea' s for how to make voting system or idea' s themes please post your messages here or PM me.

The Rules:

- Your entry cannot be bigger than 500-150 (that' s pretty obvious)

- the tag must stick to the theme

- you cannot use tag' s that you made before

- the entry must be sent as a reply

theme: GOOD Vs EVIL

Deadline: 22/03

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We used to have Sig Of The Week(SOTW) comps every once in awhile but they kinda faded out.

really ?, but i think we have more motivated people now.

I think voting should just be a poll, if this is only a week long competition. Participation will be a bit easier that way.

oh ok i haven' t even thought of that yet i was going to add a voting system like sig battlez, but your idea is better.

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if you do a sig battlez inspired voting system, you'll get less votes. sig battlez proved that. its easier and better to just do a poll.


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