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May I Ask Why Pen Sensitivity For Tablets Is Being Removed?

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If I may respectfully ask, and I apologize if this has been explained elsewhere, but a quick search did not find anything useful:

Why is pen sensitivity for tablets being removed from the next version?

I have just re-discovered the joy of using paint.net on the tablet for art creation, and I really like this feature. I like the manner in which it is implemented here better than on the GIMP (in addition to the massively simpler interface, etc etc), and now, when searching the forums to discover if there is a way to re-map keyboard and mouse shortcuts (no), I find a few references to its complete removal from the next update! Is this a question of reducing processing usage? Is there no way to retain it even as an option? Are the planned plumbing upgrades to 4.0 going to address this in a new, better way? I ask primarily out of curiosity, but also to let you know that it is a feature which at least one user would be very sad to see go, as it would seriously hamper my art (for a while, at least, though I will probably work around it eventually). Without pressure sensitivity for my tablet's pen, the brush just becomes a slightly fuzzy pencil!

So anyway, here's hoping it doesn't get the ax after all, or if it does, that it makes a come-back in future versions. Thanks for your time, and (hopefully) answering my question! I appreciate the work you put into this, it is an amazingly useful program.


Nevermind, I just found the relevant blog post:


Tablet PC “ink” and “pressure” support is out. It was implemented in a very bizarre way and was seriously preventing further progress and bug fixes. I haven’t had any hardware to test this for at least 3 years, so it has always been a best-faith feature. Hopefully it will make a comeback.

So, now I know. Good luck with that!

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