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Hair/Eye/Skin/Clothing Colors

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Hey everyone, I recently learned how to change hair color in photoshop CS3 using the solid color layers and soft overlay, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the equivalent of this in Paint.NET? I don't have photoshop anymore so I was wondering if there was a tutorial for it on paint.net. If theres nothin' here I'll try and make my own, but if someone knows how let me know!

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1) try to select the area you are trying to change the color of. (if you don't know how look at the tutorials in the newbie


2) go to adjustments -> Black and White

3) add a new layer (you should be familiar with layers, you've worked with photoshop.)

4) change the layer blending to overlay

5) color in the areas you want to change the color to ( i.e.change the shirt to red, paint the new layer area of the shirt red)

6) Deselect (Ctr+D)


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