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Tim's Effects - Updated 27 February 2017


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Hi All,


Here are my effects:

  1. Mosaic - v1.3.0.0 - 27 February 2017
  2. Rounded Rectangle - v1.3.0.0 - 14 May 2009



Mosaic - Version - 27 February 2017



Mosaic 1 - After.png


Menu: Effects -> Artistic -> Mosaic...


The Mosaic effect converts a drawing into a mosaic pattern and uses the Secondary colour as the adhesive or grout between the tesserae.



Rounded Rectangle - Version - 14 May 2009



Sample - Rounded Rectangle 1.png


Menu: Effects -> Render -> Rounded Rectangle...


The Rounded Rectanlge effect uses the Primary and Secondary colours and the current brush width to draw a rectangle with rounded corners into the current selection. The roundness of the corners, the border outline and fill type are user-selectable.

Edited by Tim!
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eInfinity: click the blue links in the first post. Screenshots await you.

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