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Just a Couple of questions to get me started.

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I have playing around with paint.net of the last month or so and I have a couple of questions. I tried to search for the answers and didn't find anything, so I hope I am not being "that" person asking a question that has been asked many of times. But i am really interested in becoming more versed in Paint. Would you suggest playing around with some of the tuts (which I have done for the most part) or is there something I can read that would help me learn? I have looked at most of the basic guides - but sometimes feel like I am struggling with things everyone else has complete grasp of. How did everyone else learn? I am all about learning, not trying to get away from the work, just trying to be the most efficient. Any insight on how you got where you are would be appreciated (ash, jake2k, david.atwell, etc.). Thanks for the help. Again, I apologize if this has been asked and answered, I did try to search, but wasn't particularly fruitful. Thanks!!!

BTW, Thank you Paint.net, I am in love with this site, and will recommend to many others!

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Hello there, FinallyHere :D

Yes! Read as many tutorials as you can! They help you to get better and learn new techniques which you can apply into all of your images :) Even the pros, such as myself...imhappyplz.gif...still read them. I read about 5 per week. It's like school. You study so you can get better. Tutorials achieve the same effect.

The reason you feel like you aren't great, is because you have just started. Different people come into PDN with different levels of experiences. Don't be too alarmed if you aren't getting it. Just keep trying until you do. Opening up Paint.Net, and playing with all the features is all a good way to learn too :P Very quickly you will get it, and you will be on your way of becoming a great artist :)

To become "famous" like Ash, Jake,THS, Simon, and the others, you have to do something great. They have all been with Paint.Net Forums for ages, and have done something magical for it. But for now, just regularly posting, creating a gallery with your work, and being an active member is all you should really strive to do ;)

If you ever don't understand something, want help, or just advice, we are right her for you ;)

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To tell you the truth, when I first started using PDN, I was a little nervous. Maybe unsure of how to work PDN and so on. So, what I did, I looked through the tutorials and the ones that seemed easy enough were the ones I tried first. Then, I decided to draw images and then coloring them in and after, trying out the different effects and renders, distorts, etc. on the images that I personally drew. I'm not a quick learner, so it took me about eight months to feel comfortable posting my images in the Pictorium. I asked "noob" questions just like any other elementary PDN user. I received helpful answers from this forum and hints and suggestions.

For some, it takes longer and for others learning is faster. Don't be afraid to read through the tutorials and trying them out. The more you ask questions, the quicker you'll learn. Good luck! :wink:

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Tutorials are the best way to get started to learn PDN. Once you begin to feel comfortable, just open a blank canvas and do whatever, without referring to a tutorial. Trust me, do this repeatedly and you'll learn a lot. Once you feel that you understand a lot of PDN, try converting GIMP, Photoshop, and other image editor software tuts into PDN. This also teaches you a lot. From PS tuts you can learn a lot of tips that also work in PDN, which is awesome. =)

But, most of all, just have fun. If you don't have fun, then you won't learn much as even if you want to do something, but psychologically you're bored, the stuff

you do wont remain in the brain. ;)

So, open up PDN and start creating! Have fun! :D

Merry Christmas


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Also you can just begin with a blank canvas and use a tut for some parts of your creation, I know I did :D , so just look around and see what kinds of tuts we have here.


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