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Showing your art work in galleries

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I had a discussion with my family member with my art work also shown her a few examples, she liked them very much and she asked if I show them off in a gallery I replied no.

I was wondering do any of the members had or going to show their art work in galleries and what the responses you had?

Once I've got more expereince in this I might show and sell them.

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It's great to think big, but not much stuff every gets sold in Graphic Design (I.E. what we like to do) ;)

But I am all for making a Gallery to show off your artwork.

The most basic way, as Jake2K states, is deviantART, where you can easily publish work, and expand your audience ;)

Another option if you get well recognised, would be to create a blog, such as one using Word Press, and create a blog.

And one final option, which is easily the hardest, is to create your own website, where you can do anything :)

If you haven't already however, make a thread in the Pictorial with your Artwork! I'm sure people will love to see it :D

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