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BAH!! I kept saying your name in my head "The X-Hog!" :oops: :D

It's Actually Pronounced The X.O.G., and No One Shall Guess What It Means... :twisted:

*sigh* too far...too far. :|


"Yep! Everyone loves dogs! And most of us love to know what heaven looks like! But however, there's one who thinks that "All Dogs Go to Heaven"! And that's me!" --Myself

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welcome to the forum. will be watching how you progress. What you have posted so is extremly nice to look at

keep up the good work



Thanks, OMA, Means a lot Since I'm Still Sort Of A Beginner, I Find It Hard On This Slow Cpu(I Should Have A New One In A Lil'bit)...Thanks For The Comment And I'll Do My Best.


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