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How do you blend in pictures?

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Not really. "Blending" is very ambiguous; there are many ways you can do so.

What I am interpreting is that you want to fade an image into another. In which case, you'll want to :

  • [*:1iymj3ce]paste the two images on seperate layers, then
    [*:1iymj3ce]go to the Gradient tool, then
    [*:1iymj3ce] switch :AllColorChannels: to :AlphaChannel: and
    [*:1iymj3ce] drag a gradient across the layer on top. Play with it until you get an effect you like. Good luck :wink:

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You could mess with the transparency of the layers. First, paste your images into different layers. Put the one you want everything else blended into at the bottom. Double click on the layers on top that contain the image(s) you want to blend, and then play with the transparency. Look at the different layer blend modes too, surprises await you. :twisted:

(Why the sudden mood change? I just found out some one ate my Thin Mints)


WARNING: May scratch, bite, or do any sort of feisty action. Beware.

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