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How to select and move a minor object

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I want to make the ducks move either back and forth (either like there swimming, or jumping, if they can do backflips would be cool too)


If theres a tut on this could someone point me toward it (link) or if not, maybe a pro could put one together for me? :D

Some linked me to a guide that doesnt tell you how to select a specific object (this being the duck) what tool would I use to like like grab the duck so I can move him, I tryed the magic wand ect but it doesnt move the actual object, and I can never get the whole object just peice. idk im kinda stuck on this one -.-

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Are they all on the same layer? Or, you could try paneling... Also using the magic wand tool will allow you to move just the duck.

Note: The two ways I provided will only work IF and only if the ducks are on a separate layer.

Edit: It sounds like you have, but if you haven't use the search button at the top-right hand screen.

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Yea Ive searched for it, but cant find a guide for object move, ill see what I can do with the 2 layer things, I get what ur saying, you CANT move jsut the duck if its 1 layer cuz there would just be a hole where the duck was.

but on the other hand, If I made a new bg, how could I use the wand to get just the little ducky and put him on the new bg?

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