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How To Bolden Outlines from Scanned Images

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Hey-lo sry for being a n00btard but I want to make video game sprites from paper I draw on (with pencil)

I did this once to animate a ~100x120 dragon and it took a LONG time using Microsoft Paint to manually outline.

Can someone show me a way to get the program to do this for me?

I intend to leave the sprites grey-scale because my drawings have tiny details (like chains) but all I want is to edit the picture enough so that empty space is uniformly white and I can paint the empty space red or something. I'm making a game with these sprites but I can't/don't like to draw on the computer.

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I scan a lot of my images, too, but I outline them with the Line tool. If you don't want to, however, go to Adjustments-->Auto-Level. After, erase the extra lines/dots this effect makes for it to look cleaner.

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ok i tried that but it just gives my scan a bluish hue.

umm lets say is there a way to make pixels that are incredibly similar to each other a single color? Like making whitish pixels absolute white.

that way i can trace around the outline my picture but leave the non-empty space intact.

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sometime if I don't draw my picture dark enough and the scann seems faint.

I make a duplicate layer and set at multiply

this might take several layers at multiply.

then I use brightness/contrast. start by moving the contrast slider first up higher. each image is a bit different setting but I eventually get a black and white image.

from there you can use color to alpha plugin or one by boltBait called strip primary color.

a lot depends on the actual orginal image and the quality of the scann.

you might have to remove some stray pixels etc. (noise) with the eraser.

and you might also try selection outline both BoltBait and Pyrochild have versions of this

either will work to make lines bolder

if all attempts to get a good scann to paint.net I've resorted to the old cheap tracing paper method and a good dark pencil /black ink and rescann.

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Try this plugin: Isolate Lineart. It was developed for exactly this situation - making images with transparent backgrounds from pencil drawings.

Another option might be this plugin: Tanel's Color to Alpha.

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heylo, thank you for the answers. yesterday I tried paintbucketing the empty space and realised there was a tolerance bar. so i just slid it and i got what i wanted!

I'll also try out other methods posted here and see what works best... thanks again!

edit: those plugins are really cool. they'll allow me to make really artistic monsters..

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