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I all admit I need help with layers

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I wish i could say i can understand what anyone says here but I can't.

I want to make badges. I can find the picture i want to use,I can do the lettering.I have no idea how to put pictures on pictures.How to get the one picture I want to go onto the background I want.

Iam lost and very confused please helpé

email addy


please help

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Hello desertdweller.

May I assume that English is not your native language, and you are not confident with it?

For this assumption, I will give the benefit of the doubt with your topic title - I have edited it for you. Do be warned of the Rules about topic titles: [rule=6]click here to read more[/rule].

For your issue, have a look at layers on the Help Files (See below or go to Help > Help Topics within Paint.NET). With layers you can place one image on the top of another, moving the images around as you want to over the background. Once you have finished, you can 'flatten' the layers to make them into one, then save the file. Take a look at these links for more information:


http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/L ... Modes.html

If you need to cut out an image (so it has a see-through background) have a look at this tutorial:


If you need any more help, don't hesitate to ask. Just remember those Rules ;).

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