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My daughter is an eager spammer

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My daughter is an eager spammer, but she spams in a position in which her computer chair doesn't support her back. She reports back problems even while she's spamming sitting straight up. I am looking for computer chairs provide support while spamming with a tablet? Do you recommend a specific kind of chair that has an adjustable backrest to it that might help her?

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I can see this thread being locked already.
Almost right.

Although, as this isn't Paint.NET related:

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Look where you are posting next time, please. How is asking for advice on computer chairs anything to do with Paint.NET plugins?

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The problem is the position, sitting a straight-up position has been given as advice by many, and is still advised by many. I even think that I've heard it myself when i was younger. But this advice is just plain wrong, its likely to be some sort of discipline advice in the early schools, the result is that many people are sitting in an unnatural position, which might damage their back and shoulders, when they "force" the position while it hurts.

The position is not harmful in itself, you can even train your back, so you can sit in that position for longer. But when forcing the position, past the point where it starts to hurt, and when you continue doing it, then you risk injury. Its like doing to many reps in almost any given exercise, which may course injury.

Sitting in a somewhat bend-forward manner, is usually the most comfortable position for the back. Sitting up-straight course stress on the back, in that it may require a maintained strength to sit in that position, for some or most people. But this would depend on the chair which is used.

You could get a chair which better supports the back etc, but the chair is not what gives the injury, unless you are sitting on nails or something like that.

Still its better to change position when it starts to feel uncomfortable, and this is usually something which happens naturally. When we need to relax from one position, we simply chose another. Some people however seam to ignore the signals from their body, perhaps because they have been told to "sit up straight"!?

The best advice to give, is actually to let her sit in the position she chooses. That is the natural way to develop a good sitting position'(s). If she starts to think to much about it, then she might chose a position less suited for the body.

Normally you won't get any injury from working with a computer. Those who do, might have had unnoticed problems before they started to use a computer, such as a weak back, or weak shoulder.

Shes more likely to benefit from doing some upper and lower back exercises, also to maintain, or even get a better Posture. The degeneration of muscle is increased with age, so imagine how it will become for her in later life, in case she has a weak back already.

The position i mostly sit in is, slightly bend, with my arms resting on the table. Often i also take up my legs, but not all chairs allow me to do this, which can be annoying, if I'm sitting there for hours.

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