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Make a shape a certain size???

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There is no specific application that will accomplish exactly what you want. This is in part because of the Status Bar at the bottom left-hand of the screen; drawing lines, shapes and gradients in Paint.NET is live, all the information about the drawing is displayed on this Status Bar.

Therefore, with this in mind, you can draw your shape as you normally would whilst keeping an eye on the status of the drawing at the bottom.


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stillbreakinghearts will have to round either up or down. I was more concerned with allowing stillbreakinghearts the ability to draw 'free-hand' as much as possible.

If the three decimal point accuracy is crucial, stillbreakinghearts should follow the same lines with what Simon said: fill the canvas with the shape, then resize down to what's needed - only, trying to fill the canvas and leaving as-is may be a pixel or two out, translating to an 1/8" out, or whatever. You have more precise control when resizing.

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