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REQUEST: search effects (user interface)

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it so many effects now that sometimes is hard to locate one you find in a tutorial, many times you arelady have it installed, but dont know where it is located sometimes its not even in the effects menu but on the adjustments menu so

it sould be great if anyone with sctipr knowledge or pdn scripting could add some kind of search box at the top of the effects menu , that when you start typing the effect (like DRO...) shows any effect containing those words in its name.

it would be lovely,

thank you.

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I'm afraid plugin authors cannot do that (without violating the plugin guidelines, at least). The only hope for such a feature is if the author of Paint.NET adds such a function to the main program, and I believe this has been suggested before.

If you click the effect links in the tutorial, they will lead you to the plugin's thread, where it may say which submenu the plugin can be found in.

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Yeah, that is not possible with any plugin. It would have to be Rick including that.

Plugins can do...a little dance, make a little noise, get down tonight...

Oh, wait, I mean they can only do effects, adjustments, and filetypes.



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