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ash 3d metal/chrome text tut

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I just looked at it what do you mean its not there I see the pictures?

I also just checked on ASH DA site. he's organized his gallery so clik gallery when you get to his page and down the left side is the sort. its under tutorial

so this tut is here and on DA. ????

I just had a PM from ASH he's been busy lately is there a specific thing you need answered about a step in the tut?


did you just not read down far enough in his post?

about the text being on his DA site.

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all i see is

Plugins you will need:

Conditional Hue/Saturation

Drop Shadow

Or Outline object -- thanks -Expiration-

Enjoy :)

Click to goto my dA to see larger version and/or download the full view 1024x3696 version. (Appx. 1.3MB file)


Easy!! Isn't it?? :D

Remember, think outside of the box! :idea:

Questions & Comment welcome.

*Don't bother me with the text thing, there are plenty of text on the tut image :P

no images at all and no tut ,this is the first post i suppose, i looked the next 3 pages and i cant find the tut.

im going to switch to another proxy maybe that is the problem

EDIT: it was indeed a proxy filtering thing, it is all there.

weird i used this same proxy all the time, they must be moving things around :S

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