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My images won't go unaliased!

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Hello, I need help on something that's been bugging me and making my images not turn out so well. :(

As you can see on these images, there are still :AntiAliasingOff: even though I've use ant-aliase plug in and feather MANY times

to try to help it. :(

These are just SOME of the images I have with that problem.


(The dragon)




(everything except the background)

My method is I use anti-alias/feather, alias, anti-alias/feather, anti-alias/feather, alias, anti-alias/feather and so on and so forth.

What is wrong with my method? Should I do it more :?: I can't do it once, that doesn't work. :? And If I do it to much, the image

just shrinks down it's pieces, and you can't tell what the heck it is any more.

Please, any help?

P.S. Apparently, even moderate users need help. :lol: :AntiAliasingOff:

We should all be... Alive...




|Lightning|My Dome|Pokemon sig tut|

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Well, I'm guessing you're using those pics from the web, right? And you're copying, pasting, and using the magic wand tool? (Or something similar to the last step... to get whatever the background was away.)

Well, I think it's that you're still leaving behind borders of the pasted images. You're just gonna have to erase them better.

If I'm wrong... I feel like a noob. (Which I am.)

And, (this is highly unlikely.) are you doing the feather effect and stuff on the right layer?

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yeah true feather works much better than the other one if you want things gone, but also sometimes if you are resizing images, it makes them :AntiAliasingOff: . thats happened to me before, so if you start out with a smooth :AntiAliasingOn: image, and you resize it to fit your sig, either make your sig huge first than ersize it when your done using ctrl-R, or resize your stock or render to about what you need it to be. And make sure that when you resize it, it is best quality unless itf it is a sprite, in which case make it nearest neighbor.

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