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Image Blurs after saving, Project (PDN image) looks better.


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Ok, so Im totally a noob, lol. I made an Anime Wallpaper, 1024 x 768. & When Im working on the image, it loks clearer, crisp & sharp in comparson to the Saved BMP or JPG File. So what gives?

I can save it, & make the quality 100%, but still it looks slightly blurry & when compared to the PDN when Im working on it, its just not as good to me.

Any way to fix this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks. :D

ps: If more info is needed just let me know. I was in a hurry writing this, so srry about that.

& also, I hope this is the correct place to post. Im pretty sure. lol

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Yea, the 1st thing, srry. It looks much better when Im working on it. The picture is very clear until after I save it as...well, anything really. JPG, BMP...its all the same.

Doesnt matter whch format I save to, it blurs the font & just the picture itself.

But yea, its sharp & everything looks really high def. clear...

then after I save it & view it elsewhere I can see a slight diference in the quality. Just enough to bother me, since it looks better before I save. If I could use the PND image as a Wallpaper or w/e I'd have no problems, since it looks fine lol.

Hm...I even used screencap to save it in my normal Paint program, & it turns out the same.

Why is my computer making all these images look worse? Its so annoying. Is it something Im doing wrong? Maybe I missed something...I dont know. Plz help if possible.

Edit: I shall include the screencap I took, it shows that its slightly blurred. I cant show a comparison pic cause well I cant get a clear pic saved anywhere. But trust me...it looks clearer than this does. I dont know if blurry is the word to use, something is off tho.

I guess I could attach the PND file if anyone needs to see the difference. However I doubt I need to do so.


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Az89 try: Effects - Photo - Sharpen

If you might playing around whit it maybe you get it better :P

Yea, thanks. I tried that tho. It still doesnt look like it should.

I used sharpen on it anyways to get it looking better. But still it comes out looking the same. Its like when I save certain pictures on my Pc they end up looking crappier than before. Is it the compression or something? Cause I thought I could screencap in Paint & it would look better, but after saving there it still looks like that...*sighs*

Sheesh. lol

Edit: Hm...perhaps I should just keep on Sharpening the hell out of it? Muhahaha! :twisted:

Nah...prolly not. lol, prolly wouldnt even work.

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