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How to switch "tool" pane to a real "toolbar" ?

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Interesting, but you do need to have a large enough screen to fit that on and your image (otherwise it can be quite hard to see - like me with my 15.4" screen ^^)

@pstein: Rick Brewster said that there wasn't going to be a ribbon interface like office 2007 or intergration into the top toolbars. A good idea would be to have just the top of the toolbar (i.e. the bit with name on it) and when you hover over it, it drops down, check out this thread - Popular features request.

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I would like to have the tool windows dock-able, or better still, become a toolbar as well. This is the single most annoying feature of this excellent software.

Wow, thanks. By the way, read the rules. Necroposting is rude.

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