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I can't find a plugin effect.

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Hello all,

Ok first i want to appologise for my english.

Second I have bought a new computer and installed paint.net and some effect.

I'm searched for a effect but i didn't find i because i don't remember the name.

I need to place my picture diagonal, and there is a effect that allow you to place the picture where ever you want. If someone understands me and know the effect please post it here you will help me very much.

best regards,


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You may be thinking of the Align Object plugin.

Yes thank you very much;) you helped my so much.

Know I can go creat the picture I wanted to make :D

There is no Pluggin for this!

Instead, it is built into Paint.Net! :wink:

Simply choose your selected area, and Left Click to move it in all directions, and Right Click to Rotate it 360 Degrees. Also, there is Rotate/Zoom, which has more "features", which can be located my pressing CTRL+Shift+Z.

I didn't know that thank you too :D :wink:

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