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Portable Paint.net

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Hey everyone. I want a portable Paint.NET (if it's legal) that will be able to run on a school computer. i don't know the .net framework so can't help you with that but is there one out there. A legal one!!! The reason I want to use it at school is for 2 reasons, we have photoshop but I am not a fan because i'm used to the paint.net layout and 2, for a school project i'm making a website that has tutorials on it with videos and stuff and on of the tutorials is gonna be about paint.net so i need to be able to use Paint.NET at school.

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Alternatively, copy Paint.NET's system folder (C:\Program Files\Paint.NET) to a flash drive. You will loose Windows Explorer preview thumbnails and some performance, but overall, it works as it should.

Be warned, the correct version of the .NET Framework has to be installed on the host computer. Also, we are not liable for any mishaps: 'portable' Paint.NET is not officially supported.

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