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Can somebody please explain to me how to straighten edges?

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Okay here are my websites, http://seahawknationblog.com & http://footballnationsblog.com

if somebody could please go look at the font i have used for the titles to each blog the edges are very crooked on the font, so i need a way to make the font lettering very sharp and professional looking..

Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Tim

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Hello farthestnorth.

It looks as though the edges are meant to be anti-aliased yet appear otherwise. Nevertheless, try either of the anti-aliasing plugins available, pyjo's Basic Antialias or jsonchiu's Anti-alias, to 'smoothen' the edges.

Failing the results of those two, you could give either of the outlining plugins a try, outlining the text with a white border. This will not look as bad as it sounds. We have pyrochild's Outline Object and Boltbait's Outline to choose from.

If those don't seem to do the job, manually retracing the edges with a white line ( :LineCurveTool: ) will most certainly do the trick.

Do come back to tell us if you have been successful.

(By the way, I receive an DNS error with your second blog.)

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