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Flip's Gallery | Updated 2/22/09

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Wowzorz I'm back.

You have a great sense of minimalistic abstract design. Have you ever considered doing web design?

I've tried, but I fail because I fail at html, etc.


Inspired by someone else's sig... but I forget whose. :?

I like this one the best.

first look I said how'd he do that glass sheet then I said "Oh I know" great gallery so far. hope you keep working away at this .... your work shows lots of promise. definetly someone I've marked down to keep an eye on.



Wow, oma gave me a comment. Thanks.


Well, I gonna do some sweet photo editing when I get back to my house. I took some nice pics of flowers after a rain storm, and... you'll see. I won't be able to update this picture-wise for awhile though. (Long story.)

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