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Another plugin pack without credit...

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http://pdn-forum.webdesign-place.de/ind ... readID=185

That guy created a "plugin pack" in which there is all PDN plugins ever created...And all the FileTypes...And all the ScriptLab scripts posted on this forum...And some INI files...And some PNGs...And a CS file...And a raccoon...*

I don't think he has permission from all of the plugin authors ? :|

He doesn't even says anything about these plugins being created by someone else other than him...

Oops, sorry, there isn't a raccoon. :P

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This is clearly the German portal for Paint.NET users, however unofficial.

There doesn't read (per Google's translations) to be any disclaimers or suchlike, in fact, very little in the way of redirecting to either here or Getpaint.

Since you have flagged this here, Rick will certainly see it.

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