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I found a Site that you Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette that matches the image.

The Website is http://www.degraeve.com/color-palette/

I was hoping if there is a Offline Program that does same thing usually

whenever I find these online tools they tend to be taken down after a while. so I figure that an Offline version would be better.



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The online tool is very cool, but you're right about there being an add-on for Firefox that does something close to this--it's called ColorZilla. It lingers as a tiny icon in the bottom left corner of Firefox, and on the bottom of the right-click menu. With it you can get the RGB and hex code of whatever you click on with the super-accurate cross hair. You can zoom with it, make palettes, and do much more. I haven't used it much, but go do a search on the add-on section of the Firefox site.

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If I want to get some general colors from a photo, I usually just Pixelate (Distort > Pixelate...) the photo to a desirable cell size. Simple, and probably not as precise as the tool you have pointed out, but fairly effective. :)

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