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Select the shape just drawn

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When someone paints a shape such as a square, oval, it should automatically be select so we can move it. it's annoying that right after drawing it you have to change tools and select it just to move it.

Also, maybe a good feature, to allow to set an option that would create a new layer for each shape, if the user chooses too. for me it would be quite a productive feature.


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For the first comment, are you referring to drawing a selection or drawing a shape? In the former case, it's important for us to keep the distinction between manipulating the selection and manipulating the pixels that have been selected. The reason for this is that soon we will be implementing the ability to move, scale, and rotate just the selection itself (without changing the pixels "below" it). For the latter case, and this refers to your second comment as well, right now Paint.NET rasterizes everything when you draw it (i.e. the shape "commits" when you finish drawing it). We don't yet have the ability to have layers of various types, although that ability is being considered for future releases (not for v2.2 though).

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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