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How to do a free screen capture(Tip of the day :D)


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The "so called rip off programs" are different than pressing PrtScn, as they crop, and do other magical things instantly.

What does this have to do with Paint.Net?

well, I use it for getting pictures onto PDN without the hassle of saving to hard drive.

I personally didn't know about this until I was told to do it when dealing with a problem with an antivirus program, and they wanted a screen shot.

I am most terribly sorry for wasting a few bytes.

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Jellyboots is right, a lot of people that don't spend very much time on the computer actually don't know about the PrntScr function.

I find screenshot applications such as Fraps to be very useful, because they eliminate the "Paste" step - useful in Video games, movies, or sheer laziness :P

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