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I'm a "writer", I like to write stories, and then sometimes if I like a particular character, I like to draw them.

But I'm having difficulties drawing one character, because he has scars and I can't make them look like anything other than random lines drawn on the face.

Does anyone have any tutorials or tips or anything that will show me how to make my scars actually look like scars?

Thank you.

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I'd go with getting a color that's the same as the color used for the skin, but adjusting it by adding like 20 to the red, and darkening it.

Draw the line where you want the scar with a larger-and-wider-than-the-scar line(on a speperate layer than the actual face), and blurring it with the gaussian(spelling?) at about 4(depending on size of scar), then going with about 50-75+ more red in this line, making it the size of the scar you want, and blur it with about half of what you used for the first blur.

It makes a nice surrounding effect on it.

For an example of what it, after some practice can look like, this link goes to a picture I edited.

Neither scar is real.

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