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Shape tools don't work

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just out of curiosity do you perhaps have a one pixel selected anywhere on your screen?

that would make the line tools and the rectangle not work outside the selected pixel area.

also another thing to check is if the selection mode is set to replace or something else.

that would make the paintbrush etc. not work.

just a couple of things to look at before you panic. '

best bet if you know how to post a screen capture image do so. It might just be a setting you have touched and didn't realize.



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Thank you for your reply. To make sure no pixel is selected, I've clicked Edit/select all/deselect to make sure nothing is selected. The shape tools and the brush will not draw. I've tried all the setting in Selection Mode. No help. The pencil will draw as shown in the screen shot. On a photo, the clone tool, text tool, etc. work fine.24403_21f9305e0bb4a6bc731cde549ac1facf

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ok you are at the end of my knowledge of vista. this post will bump it to the top and perhaps someone else can figure it out. looks like everything is ok on the screen shot as far as I can make out.

really strange but I'm sure it will be something simple.

EDIT one time when my paint.brush wasn't working it somehow switched from left button to right button. which was just a glitch. it corrected itself but maybe try the other mouse button just on the off chance. worth a try. I know how frustrating it is when you want to draw and nothing seems to be going your way.

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