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Feature, Users tool window

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Ok, feel free to hammer me, hehe. How about a "User Window" in Windows menu that allows loading of things as with user defined plugins(DLLs) into a folder like the "effects" menu. A persistent tool window like Tools, Colors, etc, thats tabbed(maybe starts with 2 tabs on load), and a plugin can add to the existing tabs or invoke a method to create more tabs in it similar to firefox's tabs. In the "user tool" , a plugin can link an icon of choice to execute a drawing function( a picture, a function whatever). Maybe it loads empty or has a few "Brewster" shapes, then there is also a "user menu" next to "effects" or somewhere that adds plugin objects to the "user tool" thru links (obviously you might want a user.ini that might automatically load "user tool" plugins on startup of to this). I have always thought there were effect plugins that might be more one click suitable, and it would add the ability of user defined "objects" , that might not necessarily be included in the package but are custom tuned to a users specific specialty needs. And this would place ahead once again in customability and ease of use. Ok, people away at me lol.

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