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warp text

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I was looking on the forum, on every sub section, and couldn't find a text effect, like Photoshop's Warp Text. i looked everywhere, and there seems not to be anything that at least relate to this. I will attach a photo, so you can see:


If anyone can tell me if there's something like that somewhere, plz do so! Or maybe someone will be able to develop something like this. I use Paint.NET for a lot of wallpapers I make, and this kind of plugin would be very useful to me, when I put the name on the creation...just like in that photo...

Thanks for help!

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Hey there, RedFalcon.

Try using the search facility [Forum engine | Google Custom Search] (it can be faster at times than manually looking) to look for 'shaping text', or 'curve text'.

This is something that has been asked quite a few times, therefore there should be the answer to suit you out there somewhere.

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