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Let's help to improve parental control


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It appears that some parental control software blocks urls just because of inclusion of word "hot".

i have problems downloading this pack.... im a kid and my dad installed norton parental control that blocks me the site hot.ee or somethinglike that for Sex/Acts reasons please put another mirror i cant convince my dad to let me download that... he says im goin to get something weird :shock:

So let's try to help the guys in norton and find out all the "dirty" or "dangerous" words to be banned from "correct" english language.

Here's my try:

- play

- wet

- sweet


I can't drink my tea, it's too h*t! :lol:

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After years of urging the company I work for to allow me to set up content filtering on our Sonicwall firewall, they finally did so. No issues were brought up in the last month and a half, so I was very pleased. Smug, even.

Yesterday the maintenance man told us he couldn't get to the website of the welding company he gets supplies from so he could get pricing for a welding helmet. Reason? "Weapons".


I was glad he didn't try to check out Ace Hardware or something. The firewall might have called the BATF on him.

Edit: And the hot.ee site didn't cause a blip with the content filter. :lol:

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