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Image compilation/effects compilation?

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Hello Paint.net community!

I have used the Paint product for a little under a month now, and am interested in a specific feature, and if there are any other methods to do this in a specific way, I am in a different position here, and am interested if anyone has a solution to it.

After reading the FAQ's guide and the GIF tutorial, and after of course searching the good old Google, I thought it may be more appropriate to ask here.

I am an animator, I render image sequences. Sometimes my render sequences can vary between 100, to even 10,000 plus images for one scene, such as a space scene.

I have found that Paint.net has delivered an admirable effect when working on adjusting colors and effects for images, especially during the production process of important projects, but I am at a dilemma!

I work in both an HD, and large image sequences environment (however you wish to put it) I have found Paint to be very reliable especially when adjusting itself to an individual image ranging from 1920 by 1080 to the 4000 by xxxx range on a BMP.

But I have found no resolution using both Paint and other third party programs to replicate effects from Paint on a specific image to my other hundreds of images.

I am curious if anyone has a solution to this?

I wish to put a specific set of adjustments that can be made on one image on an entire image sequence, so image.1 will have the same effects on it as image.200 for example.

Then being able to export all images of that back as raw HD size. Compiling is another subject which is easy, no problems there it is just getting one effect on an entire set of images.

I ask this because I don't exactly feel up to editing over 100, to 1,000 plus images one by one, although I have a feeling it may come to that.

I don't have access to many video editing programs to see, but the current ones I am using that are optimized for HD editing and composting, seem to lack the effects needed to replicate the effects per image I need.

I look forward to a solution, and hope you all find solutions to your problems as well!

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