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Hello. Obviously you ARE new to Paint.NET, and the forums. If you read the forum posting rules, you would have noticed that it says:

6) Thread titles must be descriptive and specific -- NOT generic. You need to use descriptive thread titles. The following are examples of thread titles that are NOT ALLOWED:


"Please help"

"I need help"

"Can you help"

"HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!" (if you post like this you WILL be banned)

"Tutorial request"

"Feature request"

"Plugin request"

"Looking for..."

"Looking for a tutorial / feature / plugin"

"Can Paint.NET do this" ('this' is complete ambiguous here)

"I'm a newbie"


"I'm new"

also, putting "HELP!" in any title is also not allowed, it's really quite obnoxious. We know you want help, that's why you're posting in the first place.


This pollutes the forum with generic threads and makes it impossible to navigate. Imagine if everyone posted with thread titles like this and we had pages full of "Help!!", "Please help", "Please I'm a newbie" or even "Hi" or "Pony" ... it would be stupid. Just like you should be doing with e-mail, write your subject line for the recipient, not the sender. Read here for more detailed info: http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archi ... 88858.aspx (btw, Raymond Chen's blog is excellent, and I recommend reading as much of it as you can!). Here's the important part: from now on, threads with generic titles will be locked and/or deleted. Without warning. This rules posting is your warning.

But I'm not a mod or anything. But just so you know...

The forum rules are here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446

Now as to your question, I guess, select the area you want to darken, and fill it in with black.


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You have your answer. Read the rules now, please. :-)


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