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drawing freehand

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Some advice:

First, draw it on paper.

Then, scan it or take a picture of it and upload it into your computer.

Then, open it on Paint.NET and take a light blue colour as your Primary Colour. #0080FF is a good choice.

Now, in the Layers window, open a new layer. :AddNewLayer:

(You can name this Sketch.)

Slowly trace the outlines with a 2-3 px Brush.

Now, open another layer. :AddNewLayer:

(You can name this Outlines.)

Now, change your Primary Colour to black. #000000

Change the Brush width to 2, and start drawing on top of your blue sketches.

When you've drawn a single line, you should see 4 little squares. When you pull these squares, the line follows your mouse. This is how you draw curves.

Note that when you hold your right mouse-button, the curves are softer and more gentle(= Bézier curves).

I hope that helped you. :D

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