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What _exactly_ is the effect api (i=Interface!)

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There are many ideas i'd like to realize in effect plugins, but i don't see what the exact interface is... do i have to derive certain classes?

"look at the simple code of the glow effect"

i don't understand it either. i don't have vs 2005 so i can't launch the solution and i have problems identifying the really important files and function (some seem vs generated)

Please help me, if you'd like to have some more plug-ins :D

Thanks in advance :wink:

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Stop bumping, that's extremely rude. If someone's going to respond, they'll respond.
Sorry for bumping too much, I thought 3 days would be enough space... (if wouldn't bump at all this topic wouldn't be replied to at all and it'd be forgot in a day...)

The problem is (as it seems to me), that only the programmers and those few of the people who already made some plugins know how this stuff works, but they don't notice.

I'm just asking for some rough outline what makes up an effect dll. It can't (or shouldn't) be too complicated.


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You just have to download the source code for the plugins and look over it to see what's going on, do some experimenting, etc. That's what everyone else does.
I did. But I haven't got VS 2005, just VS 2003. And I don't plan on installing VS 2005, so i have to look at the source code files in a text editor. But I couldn't figure out which were the important parts and which files were just plainly generated.
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