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Sharp 7.25.11


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I am digin' it! Had an "Oh Snap" moment there man.

Excellent - really great effects.

I think I would run Vignette over the entire thing, to kind of darken the corners (they seem unusually bright at this point) - maybe even run a bit of Soften Portrait

Amazing overall Sharp, I'd be interested to know how you made the Nebula itself.

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Newly vignette'd version up. I tried messing around with soften portrait, but it kinda killed the stars.

sharpen portrait does kind of kill the stars but there are ways around that. Trying running glow then soften portrait, then if the stars aren't bright enough adjust the brightness and contrast.


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Wow. That is great. One thing though, I think that the blue mist is too similar around the starfield. You could make it slightly bigger in some places, if that makes sense.

OFFtopic I will finish that smudge tut, I promise... I had a Gandhi presentation I had to finish just last week, I have to keep a cultural journal (don't ask, I don't quite get it myself), I have to write another presentation on a Finnish author, I have 2 exams coming up... :(

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