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Sharp 7.25.11


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Great job. :wink:

Honestly though, spacescapes are cool and all, but we're starting to see them a little too much now.

Keep up the work work though. :)

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I agree with Shocky, Spacescapes are becoming a bit repetitious on here.

However, I believe that when someone can bring something new to the genre, like Sozo and his Starfields, they are reborn.

Your piece is excellent - nice and crisp, the planet is placed well - the starfield is also good (though I would lighten up on the clouds)

I think you ought to bring something new to the piece. Make it your own. Anyone can create a planet and put it on a starfield. You've done it, and you've done it well, though bring something new - introduce a new aspect.

8) :P

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Look over your gallery and see what area needs more images, either abstracts, wallpapers, etc. You can make something foresty. Just an idea. I really admire your abstract. It looks like there's depth because there are different colors; I like that effect. Nice!

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Not gonna lie, Jaw Dropped! :o

Pen tool use is just fantastic (If it's the pen tool lmao), WOTW was picked for a reason..

Nice spacescape! I like how you made the stars concentrated in one region making it more realistic. I never thought of that lol. (Probably because I can't do it. :P) Professional use of simplicity, really nice! :)


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