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Sharp 7.25.11


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i dunno if i commented on ur gallery before, but anyway i just want to say...

I like ur wallpaper for the zune. sadly im a fan of iphone lol. I also like the purple wallpaper and your current sig. very nice. i like how u made the lines on the zune and the current sig. hope that tut is finished soon. :D



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Please make a tutorial for that :D

When they give awards, im going to be the one that asks for tuts most.

Tip: Gradients and alpha masks :lol: I use alpha masks constantly, no matter what I'm making. When I add a new shape(Or ring, in the orb piece), I hide all the other layers, add a new black layer underneath, Then use :BlackAndWhite: and :BrightnessContrast: to get the shape to white. I'm pretty sure I used 7 or 8 different masks in the orb pic. :D

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