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Sharp 7.25.11


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i dunno if i commented on ur gallery before, but anyway i just want to say...

I like ur wallpaper for the zune. sadly im a fan of iphone lol. I also like the purple wallpaper and your current sig. very nice. i like how u made the lines on the zune and the current sig. hope that tut is finished soon. :D



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The zune wallpaper is :shock:

Your current sig is your usual high quality and the underwater one (can't remember what you called it ) looked great too. I forgot to comment back when you posted it :wink:

Always a pleasure to look @ your work


... Blue 'Til I Die ...

My Gallery

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Yeah, that's pretty close to the result I'm talking about. From there you can to try to follow the tutorial by Greg Martin to add color and texture.



Placeholder, new signature under construction.

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