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Sharp 7.25.11


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Haha, no. I dont make stuff very often.. The only things I don't post are things I start doing and am thinking one thing, but the real thing turns out completely different, or just things to see if I can use technique X to make image Y etc. etc. :D Oh, and sometimes I won't post it if I think I can do the same thing in a bunch less steps and want to try it a diff way. :) I probably end up posting maybe 60-75% of what I make.

After reading this it seems really confusing :lol:

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lol yeah it was a bit confusing. I am very good at reading comprehension and that was a bit hard to understand lol. I love your spacescapes they are always a cut above the rest. Keep up the great work sharp.


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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The colors are great, but I have to look close up to see the text. The left of the feels a little empty.

Great job though. :wink:

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@ Darkshock: I was working at double the size of what it is now, so the text ended up smaller than I thought It'd be. And yeah, I couldn't really think of anything to do with the left.

Pretty sharp.

The left side is pretty blurry... :P

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