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A perfect Hexagon...

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Try using the shift key, line tool without antialiasing, and watch the status bar. Take the line tool (no antialiasing), press the shift key, and draw 6 lines from a common vertex (eg 400,300). Then draw 6 more lines to box it in correctly, then fill every triangle with the line color. cut of the excess and voila! A (Nearly) perfect hexagon.


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Yes, I tried it this way already... It works not that bad, but unfortunately i need 6 or 7 of those in different sizes and after shrinking it looks ugly :lol:

A tool for drawing symmetric, "perfect" polygons with sides of the same length and corners with the same angles would be great :D

(another idea for a plugin or another toolbar tool...)

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lol... got the problem solved now by creating hexagons in MS Word and transferring them via screenhot :roll:

But this really is a thing Paint.NET should support...

(in other words: "Feature request: A tool for drawing polygons (shift = regular, same side lengths and corner angles), at least up to 8 sides." :D

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