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Feature Request : Copy merged

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It seems that copy to clipboard copies only from the currently selected layer. An option that copies from the merged image would be extremely useful.

Also, the keyboard shortcuts don't work while the mose hovers over the tools palette, which is a little annoying.

Lovely piece of work though.

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I agree that something similar to The GIMP's "Copy Visible" functino would be useful. As it stands right now, Flattening, selecting, copying, undo-ing is pretty painless. One thing I do think could be improved about the current method is not removing the selection during flattening. There are many times I create the selection, then realize that I need something from more than one layer. When the image is flattened, the selection disappears, and I must re-create the selection.

As for the keyboard shortcuts, I noticed that a while ago as well. Rick explained that they have to change focus to the toolbox when you hover over it in order to show the tooltips.

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I gree that a "Copy Merged" feature would be very helpful. The problem with flatening first is that you might forget and save the change. If all you want to do is copy the image and then exit, you have to take steps not to safe, etc.

In my usage, I never want to copy a layer. I would go so far as to suggest that by default pasting to other apps be done as a flatened image. A seperate command would be used to copy just the current editor. After all this is a WYSIWYG editor, so I expect that to translate to copy as well.

-- Scott

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