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how to make sun beams

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Also if you want to make it in a certain shape or to have more control of the beams,make the shape then use motion blur in the direction you want the beams from and use the desired distance.

Using motion blur will make the image your motion blurring more faint though so to make it more dense duplicate the layer that the motion blur is on as many times as needed to get the effect you want.After doing this,closer to the object your blurring may look too dense where as the farther away it gets more faint,simply erase parts that are dense on a few layers to thin them out.Also to give it a more in depth look each layer you duplicate to make it more dense you can adjust the opacity to give it a more realistic look.

Also after you have done the above and have it how you want,but decide you want your beams with a bit of color,duplicate the same initial layer you have been to make the beams before,but before you motion blur,use the silhouette tool


and make it the color you want.Then use motion blur and continue with all the steps above.If you wish to have both white and a color and not have them overlap,drag your colored layer down just alittle bit enough to bring out both colors but not enough to seperate the flow of the beam.

Its hard to explain,and im sure sometime i'll get around to makeing a tutorial with the way i came up with,but until then maybe you can stumble around with what i just mentioned and see if you get what i mean.

You can see a small example of this in the 3rd sig in my gallery.

Good Luck!

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