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Slow Mouse Response

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I've looked to see if a thread has been posted about this already, but did not find one. Please forgive me if I've missed it.

Does anyone know how to adjust the mouse response rate in Paint.NET? My optical mouse works fine and dandy everywhere else, but when it enters the Paint.NET window it acts as thought it's crawling through mud. It's not a program lag issue -- actions are performed quickly and smoothly. When I go to move my cursor across the screen (say, to choose a menu option or tool icon), I can drag the physical mouse clean off the desk before the cursor makes it across my screen. The motion is somehow retarded.

Can anyone help me clear this up? It's terribly frustrating.

Many thanks to you all.

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What are your computer specs?

My computer is fairly new so I can't say I observe intense CPU usage.

Basically Paint.NET needs to know where your mouse pointer is at any time to update the coordinates displayed in the bottom right corner.

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