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How much to charge for banner design


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I was asked recently to make ad banner for a website. The banner was for one of his sponsors. He likes my work and asked me how much I want to do this on an ongoing basses. The fist banners, a small 215x55 animated GIF and an 868x220 static, took me a little over an hour to complete. I am sure that when I get proficient it won’t take as long.

Does anyone have any idea what I should charge for this kind of work? Of course that would depend on the complexity. I am talking about a small to medium static or two-three image animated GIF.

Should there be some sort of paper work like copyright or other forms.

If he pays me and list it in his income taxes as an expense do I have to report it also, and if I do should I take this into account and pad the charge to compensate.

BTW I am using PN for 99% of my graphic work. I love this program.



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