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Lend me your skill for a website header

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i am pretty new to paint.net but I love this program.

Currently i am building up a new website using a pre-designed template http://www.fairtraffic.de

I would like to adapt the header of the website with the name of the site "FairTraffic.de".

This picute is the original: http://www.fairtraffic.de/templates/blu ... lewtop.jpg

This one is my first try:


The text "FairTraffic.de" ist not really sharp - i think i did some mistakes by adding the effects.

Can you give me some tips for a good looking text effect for the homepage header that fits into the current design? I'm not really satisfied with my work.


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some simple things 4 start:

use the glow, and the gauss blur effect (as a really smart start from 0 knowledge - do all the tutorials, download the scripts-plugins, and use the layers). i tried to do a deeper shadow, just do a nu layer, and write the same text with the text tool, darken it with anything, and place it diagonal right-down (45°), on any distance. then swap the white layer with the dark one, take the white to the top.

Doing text-outlines is simple too, just write the text again (on a nu layer, transparent...), and resize it (select it with the select tool, click on move selected pixel, hold shift, and grab a corner, resize it to a little bigger, and place it under the white, first text. As a shadow. If you want, merge the 2 layer, and blur em.

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