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Plugins Please explain why we need them

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Well plug-ins are basically add ons.They can be new blurs,renders,really anything someone wants to code and add to the program.,some prove useful and some end up not being used,but these plug-ins keep things evolving and sometimes will add just what you need to get the job done.

Also,this area is for publishing the plug-ins only,hence the (Plug-ins-Publishing Only) posted with the thread.Please familiarize yourself with the rules before posting or this topic can be locked deleted,or they may just move it,but to make it easier for you and other users please read

The Rules


Welcome to PDN forums and happy posting!

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Put simply, plugins make Paint.NET what it is. Without them, we'd be locked in to whatever features Rick put in the program when he built it; with them, we're able to include features that he didn't write (and some he never even thought of!). They let us do things like feather, smudge, blur with different methods, change colors, sharpen, smooth, twist, flip, polar invert, and even upload to ImageShack!

Basically, it takes a finite program (Paint.NET) and makes it utterly infinite, rife with possibilities.


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I recommend Madjik`s pack of plug ins. There are plenty to choose from and the advantage is that you can just create a `PDN Plug ins' folder in your documents, once downloaded copy the zip file ( or extract first if you want ) and just copy which ever Dll file relating to a plug in you fancy, in to the PDN Effects file from this folder. You don`t have to install every plug in in the pack if you don`t want to.

Have a go. You`ll find that installing a few plug ins will expand the capabilities of PDN massively.

Have fun :wink:



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