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Reboots my whole computer!

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IDK what the hecks going on! I was haveing no problems with pdn @ all but for the last three days I go in and it reboots my whole flippin computer! I don't get any error messages or any thing it just shuts everything down. I even tryed uninstalling then reinstalng and it's still doing it! HELP please!

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From experience restarts are usually caused by not enough voltage to cpu/north bridge or faulty memory modules/ram especially when overclocking although some motherboards do not correctly setup the cpu by default or have a tendancy to undervolt by a little bit (sometimes just enough to cause reboots).

Also it could be a power supply fault/failure, hate to say it but hardware was not built to last forever and some times power supplys start to diminish(is that the right word) in quality over time :( .

Does this crashing/reboot happen with any other program/s, software or games etc?

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