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Will's Beginner gallery


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weird use of mandelbrot fractals. i like it

overall though, its not bad. keep at it, and use layers and other things, the majority of my artwork was just playing around heaps lol.

yes, there is potential, but only if you stick at it.

also, rename this thread to represent it being your gallery, (because the rules say only one thread per member.)

its very good, thanks for the pleasure of seeing your artwork,



You should get the Win7 theme for XP. Then get the rest of Win7. Then uninstall XP. Then it'll really look nice. ~ David Atwell

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Hi welcome to the PDN forums.The 2 pieces you have here do show potential and the fact that you made anything shows that you have potential if you keep working at it and learning.

First,to be a participating member here in the forums you must cover your bases.I know your new here but now more than ever i suggest you give the rules of the forum a good read,primarily number 6.



Failure to abide by the rules can have your posts locked,removed or your account deleted (in more extreme cases).Just trying to help you have a smooth and productive stay here at the forums.If i didn't post this warning someone else would have,nothing personal.

Hope to see you around the forums

Happy posting!

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Those are both very pretty :shock: I'd like to know how you did them so I can try to do the same thing for practice as I'm pretty new here as well. That's very nice for first images and you should do more! Make one that's got silvery/pink looking mandelbrot fractals and a dark red/maroon BG

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Thank you very much for the heads up Cola and Caz. I appreciate it :)

Tayoni, i just used 2 layers, first layer was the cloud render, then colored it and twisted it. Basically just jazz it up with whatever you may prefer. Then for the second layer do the Mandlebrot Fractals and zoom/rotate to your desire of what suits the image your trying for, or just random to see what you can come up with (like what i did), and then combine the 2 layers.

When i first made the 2nd one, i thought they looked like trees too :o

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