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The Song Stuck In Your Head


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LOL, that's funny.

You know MeowMeow, your name reminds me of that song, "I want some Meow Meow Mix."

Speaking of that, I once made a lame joke that had everybody cracking up: it goes, I'm in the mood for some Meow Meow Mix Chow Mein.

@PyroTechnique, I suffer from tinnunitis, a disorder that affect everybody with hearing loss, and I'm constantly hearing musical tones in my head. It drives me mad at times. :? As a matter of fact, I'm profoundly deaf, and can't hear anything above the decibel of a roar of a jet engine.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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The last song I hear before I turn off the alarm clock. I have it on an oldies station so I never know what song from the last 40 to 50 years will be on. I love hearing songs from when I was a kid. Oh God ! I got old somewhere along the way. OK, let me rephrase that, my body got old, the ol' pumpkin on my shoulders never will. :lol:


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so... freakin... funny...

LOL! That song is so awesome!

Jizz in my pants is pretty epic too ;P

JIMP sounds excellent on a nice surround sound system. If it didn't have such ridiculous lyrics, it could be a real party song. It's got a great beat.

Right now I have The Spy Hunter by Project 86 stuck in my head. It's a really cool song.

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Well, I just heard it on the radio... It's ok.

I listen to all kinds of stuff: Godsmack, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Cypress Hill, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Parliament, Sublime, Sade, Rob Zombie, Skindred, etc.

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dancing for rain by rise against. geez its awesome.

next song im sure will be historia calamitatum by rise against. another awesome song.


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you never know. remember I love Hendrix ,,,, I've been known to have AC/DC blaring in my office. :lol:

EDIT: just listened to SADE liked Cherish the day

only listened to about 3 lines of Kiss of Life ....blah

liked smooth operator a lot

also two songs by Steve Ray Vaughan Texas Flood was good until he started to sing.

but Superstition now that's a fine piece of music.


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