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Fill Gaps v1.0

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Ok, my third plugin is something I always wanted to have. Something to fill parts deleted from an image based on the surroundings:

Fill Gaps v1.0 (found in the "Render" submenu)

Demo 0 -- The extreme case (Done with default parameters):



Demo 1 -- The simple case (Similar colors at the border, done with default parameters):



Demo 2 -- Combination with plugin "Selective Toning" (Overlap: 20, Precision: 20)



User Interface:



Hints on usage:

* The plugin will try to fill everything transparent in the selected region. Since layers are often transpartent in the outer part, make sure to additionally select only the part you want to have filled! (For instance, use the wand on the outside and press + i to invert the selection)

* The calculations of the algorithm take some time. The first to sliders control quality and calculation time. Left: fast, right: slow, but better looking

* The two sliders tell the plugin what it treats as transparent. The third slider is the threshold value used for what pixels should be filled. The last one is the threshold for what pixels should be considered during reconstruction.

How it works:

* From each transparent pixel some circles are expanded. For some points on the circle the color values are considered. The precision value is equal to two times the pixel colors used.

* If colored pixeled are found the circle may still be expanded a little more, to get some more averaging over colors. The min overlap slider controls how many steps the circle will be increased, after the first pixel colors are found.

* The final color value of each pixel will be the average of all relevant pixel colors.




Source code (for programmers):




The sourcecode is for BoltBait's great plugin "Code Lab"!

I hope you like it,


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